Retirement Planning

The term ‘Retirement Planning’ traditionally means, ‘getting ready for life after work’.

In a clinical sense, you will measure the value of your super against what income you may need at a point in time when you want to retire. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But have you thought about:

    • When can I afford to retire?
    • What income will I need in retirement?
    • My parents lived well into their nineties, what if I outlive my savings?
    • What about a nice new car, caravan, overseas holiday, etc.? How will this affect my retirement savings?
    • What if I don’t want to give up work completely? I really enjoy my job and, it enjoys me!
    • What is ‘transition to retirement’?
    • My spouse wants to retire before me. What are our options to maximise our income?
    • We don’t have much in superannuation. What other assets can I generate income from?
    • Can we qualify for some form of Centrelink?
    • Where do I invest my savings to give me security and peace of mind?
    • I haven’t had any experience with shares. What other options are there?
    • What’s the difference between annuities and account-based pensions?
    • I’m about to finish work and, haven’t given this an ounce of thought. Is it too late to seek help?
    • What if I get bored in retirement?
    • I have lots of unused long service leave. Should I take this first then retire?
    • I’m 20 years old, just started work and, desperately need to plan for my retirement.


Now the good news is, every one of those talking points above (except maybe the last one) are real. They are real concerns experienced by real people I’ve helped over the years. So, in other words, you’re not alone.  And, there are many other concerns that people have that are not listed above.

Because we have come across all of these issues before, we are well experienced to discuss your options and advise you on appropriate solutions.

Retirement Planning is about you being in control. We pride ourselves on explaining investment concepts in plain English. Sometimes you might not be able to tick off every box on your list but, by having a clearer understanding of your options, you will feel far more confident to achieve your goals.

Retirement can be the best phase of your life. We want you to enjoy it.


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