Ongoing Review Service

You wouldn’t dream of buying a new car and not having it serviced regularly. It would gradually fall into a state of disrepair and could cost you thousands of dollars.

The same applies to your Financial Plan. Your personalised Statement of Advice is appropriate for your current and foreseeable financial position, needs and objectives. However, over time, your needs will change; particularly as you enter the pre-retirement phase of your life.

What can possibly change?

Changes to legislation regarding superannuation, taxation, investments and Centrelink, occur constantly. The 2016/17 financial year is a good example of significant changes regarding Centrelink means testing, Superannuation contribution limits, retirement income streams, to name a few. Most of these changes take effect from 1 July 2017; giving many investors a tremendous ‘window of opportunity’ to take advantage leading up to the new financial year.

If you are not kept informed about how these changes can affect you, you could miss out on opportunities that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Also, whilst investor’s main goals don’t alter frequently, their personal circumstances, financial position and, possibly their attitudes to risk can change over time.

Our complete Review Program

At Lifelong Financial Solutions we provide a comprehensive review program.

An annual review of your Financial Plan will ensure that:

    • Your investments remain current for your needs particularly in terms of your Risk tolerance.
    • You are making the most of any legislative changes that relate to your investments.
    • We make you aware of any new products that are available.
    • You are comforted during times of abnormal market volatility.
    • You are happy with the performance and features of your investments. The importance of simplicity and peace of mind are very underestimated when it comes to investing.
    • You are on track to meet your goals; particularly regarding retirement and cashflow objectives.
    • Or, you simply may have some basic questions about your investments.


An annual review is the perfect opportunity to review your latest Statement of Advice and ensure that it remains appropriate for the years ahead.

Research has also proven that investors who maintain an active relationship with their financial planner, have a far greater sense of security and are more likely to achieve their goals.

The opportunity to use your financial planner as a sounding board is an invaluable service.  Without an ongoing review, we cannot possibly keep you on track.

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